BlueworksLive January Release :: Still iterating

It’s great to see IBM maintain their regular iterations to the BlueworksLive product with a January release this Saturday — Only 2 months after the last release in November.

IBM has also gotten much better at customer communication.

I used to write these blog posts a week or two after the release when I logged into Blueworks (not all of my clients use it so I am an irregular user) and noticed a new release.  Now, I get an email in advance as an account admin which invites me to a webinar to walk me through the release. If I miss the webinar, I get a second email providing me with a YouTube link of the walkthrough.

This improved customer communication is undoubted part of the BlueworkLive growing up from the Lombardi Blueprint product into a real IBM product that global organisations actually buy and rely on.  IBM’s target customers are not the kind of people that you can surprise with a release that effects their user community.

If you are interested, here is the video walkthrough of the January release: