2013 Blogging in Review

Ok, so last year wasn’t a great year for blogging.

I did manage to move to WordPress but I wasn’t very successful in getting into a regular publishing rhythm.

Somehow, I still managed as much traffic as the year before and here are the top five posts:

  1. Notes from Impact 2013 :: Smarter Process and the Confused Story of Case Management and BPM
  2. BPM Market Size – Kofax Version
  3. Oracle / Taleo: Workday wins again!
  4. The Size of the BPM Market :: According to Pegasystems
  5. An Afternoon with Bonitasoft and the Business Buyer

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, my conference update from IBM’s Impact conference is the top blog post of the year for the second year running.  After that, two the of top five are blog posts on the size of the BPM market and posts three through five are all from 2012!

Time for some New Year’s resolutions …