IBM must love this headline as much as Salesforce hates it

The front page of yesterday’s Financial Times London edition.

Awesome headline — For IBM.

IBM and Salesforce make push into cloud.

Its a pretty balanced article about 2 multi-billion dollar M&A deals yesterday but the headline is just utter nonsense. The London version is behind a paywall. Here is a comparable version from the website.

It makes it sound as if IBM and Salesforce are both only now pushing into the cloud.

If you are IBM, it must be nice to get some positive press about your attack on a market you have been slow to embrace.

If you are Salesforce – one of the original pioneers of the cloud, it kind of sucks.

On a side note, the two deals are only loosely comparable. IBM bought a company that manages cloud infrastructure and Salesforce bought a marketing SaaS business. Only the insanely elastic term ‘cloud’ is broad enough that those deals could be made to sound comparable and fit into the same article.

IBM and Salesforce Cloud Acquisitions

via The Financial Times