Notes of Impact 2013 :: First Thoughts on the Product Announcements

As always, there was a wealth of information and interesting customer references packed into the first keynote. Over the next days, these themes will be detailed and explained.

Two elements of the product announcements struck me as interesting and worth watching:

  • The Prominence of BlueworksLive :: The customer reference for the BPM product family was a BlueworksLive customer and it was the top release announced in the BPM product group. This is subtle but seems significant. IBM ODM and IBM BPM always have their biggest releases of the year at Impact while BlueworksLive is a cloud product that releases new features every two months. Given that, top billing seems relevant.
  • The Integration Bus :: Message Broker has been rebranded as Integration Bus and elements of other ESB products have been added. The technology ramifications are not completely clear from drive-by treatment in the initial keynote but this feels like the kind of portfolio simplification that BPM has gone through under Phil Gilberts over the last several years. If so, I would view this as positive for customers. Less products with clearer value propositions would be a good direction for IBM to adopt more broadly.

It should be interesting to see if the rest of the conference reinforces or undermines these impressions …

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