BlueWorksLive April Release :: Decisions Get Full Support

In the lead up to IBM’s Impact Conference, they have released a new version of their online process modelling tool, BlueworksLive.

Aside from some minor additions to the process modelling capabilities, the exciting part of this release is that significant extension of the core capabilities of the product to cover business rules discovery situations. Previously, there was some limited capability to capture rules in a process context but the new capability (shown below) really makes ‘Rules discovery a first-class artefact in BlueworksLive’ — To quote the release video.

The video is can be found here and is worth a watch if you are interested in the new capabilities.

The interesting thing about the new capabilities is that BlueworksLive is clearly being moved into a position to be THE requirement gathering tool for the the BPM suite of products in IBM. Operational Decision Manager (formerly, jRules) and IBM BPM are the big two products but will be interesting to see if a future release will allow you to gather requirements for IBM Business Monitor, their Business Activity Monitoring tool, as well.



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