On Product Priorities in BPM

At a Bonitasoft seminar today, the presenter made a great statement about their approach to the portal in their product.  

Paraphrasing from my notes, it ran something like:

The portal called the user experience is ugly – why?

100% of customers change the portal so we spend the time making it configurable, not pretty, since we are sure that you will change it anyways.

Great plan – I don’t how configurable Bonitasoft actually is but I like the honesty around the product development.

The logic is also completely true.  I don’t know any customer that wants your vendor-branding on their BPM solution and more vendors should work on giving customers the tools to create great user experiences.  

Afterall, the portal is usually the first sight the end users will have of the system and where they will spend most of their time.  Making that first impression a great one makes everything else easier.