What might worry me if I was an Opentext Shareholder …

In Opentext’s quarterly filing with the SEC, here the list of operational highlights from the management discussion and analysis of the results:  

Other highlights and features were as follows:

  • In September 2011, Open Text acquired Operitel Corporation, a software provider specializing in Learning Management Solutions. See “Acquisitions” below for more details.
  • In August 2011, Open Text announced that Davidson Consulting, a fax industry analyst firm, stated Open Text as a leading providing of enterprise fax server software based on 2010 sales. The release of our product “RightFax 10” was a milestone for the Company as it provided enhanced support for “cloud-based” office systems, as well as a number of enhancements that aimed to make it easier, faster and more secure for customers to integrate faxing into their business processes and workflows. The Davidson report cites Open Text’s innovation and focus on helping customers increase efficiency and lower costs as key factors in RightFax’s growing market acceptance.

  •  In August 2011, Open Text introduced a “Travel Receipts Management” solution that works in concert with SAP’s Travel Management application, designed to eliminate the need to move paper receipts around in order to process expense reports. This product is intended to help companies lower their costs and time involved with processing reimbursements.

  •  In July 2011, we acquired Global 360 Holding Corp., a software company that provides process and case management solutions. See “Acquisitions” below for more details.

via sec.gov

That’s right.

The $258.7m acquisition of Global360 is in a list with the $7.1 acquisition of a learning management system, a research report on their fax technology by a firm I’ve never heard of and an SAP plugin to make filing your expenses easier.

It will be interesting to see if OpenText can successfully bang together Metastorm and Global360.  Hopefully, they can bring some much needed sizzle to the portfolio because the rest of the highlights seem like a list of legacy technologies waiting to be supplanted.


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