Notes from IBM Bizagility 2011: IBM BPM Methodology looks better

Earlier in the year, I blogged my disappoint from IBM’s Impact conference with their new BPM methodology.

I thought that the rhetoric on agile and agility was great but the actual process (seen below) was comprised of numerous classic Enterprise Archtiecture artifacts and added up to a big waterfall process. 


Well, at their London Bizagility event today, I think that they made some real steps both in the content and the messaging around BPM delivery.  Strangely, the slide seems eerily similar to its predecessor:


The new slide is hardly earth-shattering in its content but its more plain english and less IT talk.  It contains little in the way of competitive differentiation or unique intellectual property but its still a huge leap forward from Vegas earlier in the year. 

I think most people in the BPM space will recognize the challenges and the steps forward that it encompasses.