@jacoporomei @flowchainsensei Let me rephrase my question on scaling the approach.

Sorry about the longer form response but 140-characters doesn’t help all discussions. 

I’m sure that this approach does work at Ideato but my question is why does it work.  

Does it work because the business is small in terms of people involved?  Or, because of the leadership at the business is exceptional?

I don’t understand the comment about busines size versus company size.  The complexity of scaling development teams is all about the number of people invovled, not the business value created.  Google has had fundementally the same business since it was created (make search better) but the organizational challenge of running Google has increased and changed dramatically over time.

I should also say that I agree that this approach can scale.  I was only curious HOW to make it scale.

Feedback is welcome.

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